Inbound Marketing

A better way to market and sell.

Turn strangers into customers & achieve growth profitability

Marketing and sales go hand in hand and in an ideal world they should complement each other. We do this by performing an extensive gap analysis of your current marketing status. From there we strive to fill in the gaps by using industry specific best practices on how your company can attract new customers using your website and social platforms.

Our team of inbound specialists practice inbound marketing on a daily basis and we will bring our learnings and experience to your company.

Attract prospects to your business with great content

The attract phase of inbound is all about providing relevant and remarkable content on your website and social media platforms to attract prospects to your business. It is done by creating relevant blog articles, videos and social content that impresses your buyer personas.

Attracting prospects to your website is the first step in generating more business with inbound. Get free tactics for your business in your free markeitng plan!

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Convert visitors to qualified leads for your sales team

The convert phase of inbound is about converting your website visitors to leads by utilizing different marketing offers, landing pages and smart calls to action. At the end of the day website visitors are not valuable if they never become leads for your business.

Converting visitors into leads is a crucial part of the inbound marketing funnel. Our team will help not only convert visitors but segment them as well so your sales team can focus on the right leads.

Close more business with nurturing & personalization

The close phase of inbound is about converting your leads to paying customers. We do this by nurturing your leads and segmenting based on actions they have taken on your website. Our nurturing process is done using email, lead scoring, and automation which makes the handoff of leads from your marketing team to your sales team seemingness.

Attracting prospects to your website and generating leads is useless if they never become paying customers. We help you generate more business by insuring an end to end approach to marketing and sales.

Inbound Marketing Case Study

Increase in new website visitors

over a period of 6 months working with us.

Decrease in cost per lead

with better optimized funnel and an ad with high CTR.

Increase in conversion rate

with optimized landing pages and persuasive copy.

Increase in new website leads

with conversion optimization and landing pages.

Challenges inbound marketing solves
for your business.

Get found online

Ranking for Keywords and appearing on the first page of Google are great ways of getting found online by consumers. Combine great SEO with valuable content and Pay Per Click/Paid Social Media ads and you have a winning concept. Both to appear in searches and to be shared by your brand advocates.

Drive valuable traffic

Driving tons of traffic to your website with only a few of them actually interested in your product or service will not increase your conversion rate. Instead you want to drive valuable traffic that is within your target audience. This can be done by using inbound marketing focusing on insightful content, PPC, SEO and email marketing.

Generate qualified leads

By sharing your expertise and knowledge with others you will be able to attract people that share an interest and are looking for solutions similar to your product or service. You can then follow up with the consumer offering them more information to help them find answers, building a strong relationship together.

Increase sales

Having qualified leads in your marketing funnel are essential to increase sales. Getting many leads won't automatically make them purchase. A qualified lead on the other hand already shares an interest in the product and is looking for a way to fix their problems. By targeting more qualified leads you will be able to increase sales.

Increase brand equity

The key in inbound marketing is its focus on building a strong relationship with the customer. By focusing on specific target groups you can better communicate with the customer and nourish that relationship. This in return leads to trust between the customer and the brand. Creating brand advocates that will further share your brand and content with others.

Increase ROI

Inbound marketing can help you get a higher ROI. Reaching out to a large audience that does not have an interest in your product or service will be very costly. Content marketing and social marketing is instead targeted to a specific audience and if you use PPC ads you easily control the money spent. Thus decrease the cost per lead and higher your ROI.

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What makes us different and
the right partner for you.

One same solution never fits two different companies well. We craft custom inbound marketing strategies to grow your business. Our team of marketers have a deep understanding of inbound and what it takes to succeed. 

Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

  • No fluff, our primary goal is to drive growth for your business.
  • You will have a dedicated specialist for your campaigns
  • Quick response time, why wait when you can get it done now
  • Weekly or bi-weekly consultations, we work tightly together with you
  • Data-driven approach, we eliminate the guesswork

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You've got questions,
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Inbound marketing works in all industries but you need to have a comprehensive strategy in place so that it doesn't end up in just wasted time and resources. The idea of inbound is to attract people to your business so as long as you are in an industry where customers need you, inbound should be a fit.

Our specialty is blog posts because they are searchable and most of the time evergreen. We help most of our clients with short videos and social media posts as well.

No, not necessarily. We like to work with HubSpot but it is not a must for us that you purchase HubSpot.

Not really. Inbound marketing is an investment that will bring exponential returns for your business in the long run. In the short term it may seem expensive since there is a lag in results but with some paid social media ads your investment can bring in results quickly.