Landing Page Design

Built to intrigue & convert visitors to leads for your business.


Use landing pages to bring focus to your offering​

Generic website pages are great for providing information about your products & services but when it comes to driving conversions on your offering, landing pages is the way to go. Landing pages are clear of distractions and they work remarkably at generating leads. 

Our team builds custom landing pages for all your different offerings to drive the right conversion to bring leads closer to becoming a paying customer. 

Data driven design with a focus on conversion

A landing page consists of different elements that all have a role in converting a potential customer. When it comes to web design and landing page design, developers tend to focus on solely making the page look amazing, we don’t. 

The main purpose of your landing page is to convert browsers to leads. We help you do this by using data in the creation & testing process of your landing pages.


Landing Page Design Case Study

Increase in conversion rate (CVR)

by eliminating distractions on the page such as links.

Decrease in bounce rate

with clear ad to landing page CTA and optimized headline.

Increase in return of investment (ROI)

by using our effective landing pages to generate leads.

Increase in total leads generated

by driving traffic to an optimized landing page.

Our landing page creation process
that gets you results.

Your landing page is a key element of your marketing funnel. It is on the landing page that people convert on your offer which makes your landing page a make or break element of your entire marketing effort. 

1. Brainstorm

We collect different ideas to test different variations for all the elements of a landing page shown in image to the right.

2. Build

We start building your landing pages with a data driven process to ensure the pages not only look good, but convert as well. 

3. Test

We run A/B tests where we combine different elements of your landing pages to find and prove the best combination of elements. 

4. Optimize

Once we find your best converting landing page we continue to tweek it over time since there is always room for improvement.

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Sales Director

Challenges well built landing pages
solve for your business.

Increase conversions

Landing pages are designed to give the consumer the information and offer directly. By doing this effectively you can increase the conversion rate by giving the consumer clear instructions on what to do to reach the offer.

Increase sales

Having a well optimized and conversion focused landing page will help you increase sales. Your customers attention span is short and with landing pages you will help them focus on your core offers. Which will grow your business.

Attain specific goals

Different landing pages can have different business goals. The landing page can then be designed accordingly to that goal. By measuring the success of the landing page you will be able to know how well you are meeting that specific goal.

What makes us different and
the right partner for you.

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One same solution never fits two different companies well. We craft custom inbound marketing strategies to grow your business. Our team of marketers have a deep understanding of inbound and what it takes to succeed. 

 Here are some of the benefits of working with us: 

  • No fluff, our primary goal is to drive growth for your business.
  • You will have a dedicated specialist for your campaigns
  • Quick response time, why wait when you can get it done now
  • Weekly or bi-weekly consultations, we work tightly together with you
  • Data-driven approach, we eliminate the guesswork

Start with you free marketing audit
and see how inbound can help you grow!

You've got questions,
we’ve got answers.

We can create your landing page using your current CMS or using your existing landing page tool.

We usually optimize the form position, form questions, headline, social proof and other elements such as the call to action and creatives.

Building and optimizing a landing page can take as short as two weeks and take as long as a month. Usually it doesn’t take as much time unless you want us to optimize the landing page ongoing as part of your retainer with a complementary service such as paid social media ads or PPC.

This is a tricky one. We will test out your landing page by sending traffic over short periods of time and make as many changes as needed to get the best conversion rate possible.