Paid Social Media Advertising

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Social media is powerful for marketing your business

Today, social media platforms are used by billions of people for multiple hours a day which makes them effective for advertising. Apart from the attention that is present on social media, these platforms have gatherings of a lot of data that can be used to create highly targeted ads that are shown to your buyer personas.

Facebook alone as a social media platform has over 10 million active advertisers. We’ll help you advertise profitably and grow your business.  

Hyper targeting and personalization

Social media platforms have become data powerhouses with valuable information about their users. This helps advertisers create specific target audiences based on demographics such as location, age, gender, marital status and psychographics such as interests, personalities, opinions and values. 

With the powerful collection of consumer data to your benefit, ads can be made personalized to your audiences which will generate more business for your company.

Remarketing and analytics

Getting your message across on social media needs several touch points with consumers. Retargeting ads are ads that are shown to people based on their previous interaction with your business. With proper analytics, we can show effective retargeting ads getting people back to your website to convert into valuable business.

We track every dollar spent and every valuable KPI to make sure your advertising dollars are being spent effectively and that you are getting an ROI. 

Paid Social Media Ads Case Study

Increase in click through rate (CTR)

with a combination of better copywriting and ad creative.

Increase in conversion rate (CVR)

with a clear CTA and compelling landing page

Decrease in cost per lead (CPL)

with better segmentation of audience and targeting.

Increase in return of investment (ROI)

with Facebook Ads driving leads for the sales team.

Challenges paid social media ads
solve for your business.

Higher conversion rate

Since your Paid Social Media is directed to a specific audience that already has an interest in similar content you can focus on converting them rather than selling to them. This gives you a better chance of getting higher conversion rates.

Social presence

Using Paid Social Media can help your business grow a stronger social presence. When reaching out to consumers you want to be part of their daily life. With Paid Social Media you can appear directly in front of your target audience and increase brand awareness.

More engagement

Paid Social Media allows your message to appear in front of specific audiences that you have set. By having control over who sees your ads and what they see you can tailor the ads to fit each target audience leading to higher engagement.

Customer retention

Having Paid Social Media ads in your marketing campaigns are a great way to connect with your already established customers again and make them want to come back for more.

How we achieve success
for your business.

1. Extensive analysis 

We perform a competitive analysis and study to understand your specific market and the competitive landscape. 

2. Audience selection

We create audiences based on demographics and psychographics to reach your specific buyers  

3. Copywriting 

We write ad copy that generates interest to clicks on your ads pushing people closer to converting on your offer. 

4. Optimization 

After your ads are published we work relentlessly to get better results by making changes based on the advertising data.

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One same solution never fits two different companies well. We craft custom inbound marketing strategies to grow your business. Our team of marketers have a deep understanding of inbound and what it takes to succeed. 

 Here are some of the benefits of working with us: 

  • No fluff, our primary goal is to drive growth for your business.
  • You will have a dedicated specialist for your campaigns
  • Quick response time, why wait when you can get it done now
  • Weekly or bi-weekly consultations, we work tightly together with you
  • Data-driven approach, we eliminate the guesswork

You've got questions,
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Advertising on facebook and instagram is very effective since it can bring you immediate results. The cost for Facebook depends on the budget you set, target audience and the amount of leads you are trying to convert. But generally no, if you compare it to traditional marketing such as advertisements on TV and radio it is much more cost effective. Cost and competition is rising on facebook but it is still powerful and we love paid ads.

We can do both! Advertising on social media has a lot to do with having great ad copy and a compelling ad creative. We can create your ads and manage them for you. And if you like we can create and optimize your landing page as well.

Most of our clients spend between 5000 SEK - 50 000 SEK per month. If you need to spend more than that we can help you as well.

We are specialists in Facebook and Instagram ads.