Pay Per Click (Google Ads)

We will help you attract the prospects that are searching for your solution now.


Let prospects find you when they need you most

You know those ads that pop up in google when you search for a product or service? Yes, they are when done correctly, an affordable way of driving more business from people already searching for your solution. 

Our team of performance marketers will help you place the right ads in google to beat your competitors and have an unfair advantage.

Bidding on keywords and generating clicks

Google ads only cost when someone clicks on your ad in the search engine result page. For that reason it is important to bid on the right keywords and have a compelling ad copy to get clicks from people that are looking for your solution. 

When done incorrectly, you may end up getting clicks from people that are not looking for your specific solution, which makes PPC ads very costly. Our team of performance marketers will set you up for success.


Driving conversion from google ads profitability

Getting clicks on your google ads is the first step in generating more business for your company. The second step is making sure a high percentage of the traffic you paid for converts on your landing page. 

To get conversions on your landing page our team will help you design data driven landing pages with different elements we continuously test to ensure that you get the highest conversion rate possible and can prove an ROI. 

Google Ads Case Study

Increase in click through rate (CTR)

by optimizing ad titles, meta desription and paths.

Decrease in cost per click (CPC)

by utilizing SKAGs to match search intent.

Decrease in cost per lead (CPL)

by optimizing ad strategy and landing page to the ppc ads.

Increase in total leads generated

by optimizing bidding and beating competitors ads.

Challenges google ads
solves for your business.

Increase sales

A great PPC campaign does not just generate leads it generates sales as well. In order to make a successful PPC campaign you need to take many factors into consideration. From quantity and quality to where in the sales funnel you are targeting your audience. Everything needs to be done with your end goal in mind.

Complete control of your budget

Your PPC ads give you full control to manage your campaign settings. With PPC ads you can easily scale up and down your budget. You can also pause your ads for a period of time and start them again later on or run different tests to see which works the best.


With Google ads you will be able to keep track of everything you need follow up on. From number of impressions and clicks to conversions. Keeping track of all the metrics will allow you to make changes to your PPC ads accordingly to optimize your performance.

Reaching new audiences

With PPC ads you don't have to rely on your already existing contacts like you have to with other marketing tools. Instead you can create different audiences depending on their location, age and interests. This allows you to reach new and much bigger audiences easily.

Our process that drives results with
google ads.

1. Extensive analysis

We perform a competitive analysis and study to understand your specific market and the competitive landscape. 

2. Keyword selection

We select keywords based on difficulty and buyers intent to match your goals.


3. Ad creation 

We write ad copy that generates interest to clicks on your ads pushing people closer to converting on your offer. 

4. Optimize

After your ads are published we work relentlessly to get better results by making changes based on the advertising data.

What makes us different and
the right partner for you.

One same solution never fits two different companies well. We craft custom inbound marketing strategies to grow your business. Our team of marketers have a deep understanding of inbound and what it takes to succeed.

Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

  • No fluff, our primary goal is to drive growth for your business.
  • You will have a dedicated specialist for your campaigns
  • Quick response time, why wait when you can get it done now
  • Weekly or bi-weekly consultations, we work tightly together with you
  • Data-driven approach, we eliminate the guesswork

Start with your free marketing plan
and see how inbound can help you grow!

You've got questions,
we’ve got answers.

We can help you advertise on google with search ads and display ads.

Most of our clients spend between 5000 SEK - 50 000 SEK per month. If you need to spend more than that we can help you as well.

The two different strategies complement each other. With PPC you can capture higher intent customers that are looking for instant solutions.

We can do both! We can create your ads and manage them for you. And if you like we can create and optimize your landing page as well.