About the Client

VVSTrygg is a company that helps home owners with their sewer system. Villas and townhouses built before the 70s have a sewer system built with concrete or cast iron which generally lasts for 50 years before a replacement is needed. VVSTrygg specializes in helping villa and townhouse owners renovate their current draining pips with an innovative method called “relining”.

Pipe relining is a way of repairing cracked or broken pipes from the inside, without digging. Essentially, it means creating a new, tough pipe inside the existing damaged one, promoting a better flow and sealing off cracks. The section that is relined seals perfectly against the rest of your pipe system, stopping leaks and preventing further breaks. The relining system is cheaper than a traditional pipe renovation, takes less time and better for the environment.

Client’s challenge

VVSTrygg were in search of an agency to manage their paid social media activities, to effectively reach their target audience and increase their lead volume.

Before hiring us, VVSTrygg had hired an agency to manage their Facebook and google ads. They were getting a consistent flow of leads on a monthly basis through their website from their paid marketing efforts, but the volume was not enough for their sales team.

Our findings  

When we took over the account we noticed a couple of things that were holding them back from reaching their ideal buyers and effectively messaging their offer to them. 

              1. In the ad account we saw their budget was being spent disproportionally between their cold traffic ads and retargeting ad campaigns. This resulted in ad fatigue because their warm audience was shown the same retargeting ad multiple times a day, without having a different angle. 
              2. We also saw that within the adset, they were targeting multiple different audiences with the same ad. This created inefficiencies with their messaging because different audiences respond to different ad copy and creatives. 
              3. The ad copy that they were running with previously wasn’t persuasive enough to get a high click through rate (CTR) either, which was also a reason for their underperforming campaigns.

Our solution 

In the beginning of our engagement with the client we performed different analysis to find out which ad creative got the most engagement so that we could optimize for more clicks. The next step we took was to write different variations of ad copy that was persuasive and urged their audience to take action immediately. 

Once we had the ad copy and creative in place, we set up a new conversion campaign structure with multiple separate adsets targeting different interests. We did this to find out which interests were yielding with clicks and conversions versus not. The split tests we ran on the interests helped us identify which interests were performing well so we could double down on them. 

We created separate campaigns for cold traffic and warm traffic (retargeting) ads and made sure to spend a larger amount of the client’s budget on cold traffic to bring more people in to their funnel and get to know about their offer.   

In the warm traffic campaign we set up 7 different ads and a frequency cap to a maximum of the same ad once every seven days. This means that the warm traffic audience will see different ads from the client every day which minimizes ad fatigue.

The results 

With the new ad campaign structure we were able to achieve great results on all levels for the client. The client has a previous cost per acquisition (CPA) of 65 euros and with our changes we lowered their CPA by 60% to 26 euros! As a result of our better ad copy and best performing creative we achieved a 20% increase in click through rate (CTR). The client’s conversion rate increased by 588% because now we were able to show our ads to the right people with the right ads! 

CPA: Decreased by 60% 

CTR: Increased by 20% 

Conversion rate: Increased by 588%

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